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Discovering Japan - Graham Parker and the Rumour   Not played this for years and just played on Radio Paradise.   .

Insurgentes - Steven Wilson   .

Undercover on BBC.   Final episode last Sunday night, what a load of old tosh, one of the worst and disappointing endings I can remember.   .

Same Old Wine by Loggins and Messina ...   ... currently playing on Radio Paradise, I love this song.   .

Like quite a few folks on here I had a spell of sideways box swapping over the years before settling on my current set-up. Apart from the Beresford, it's getting on for nearly 4 years now, so yes I...

BigH wrote: ...

Before I settled on my current system of nearly 4 years now, I had a Creek Evo 2 amp driving a pair of Focal 906v's. Excellent combination and I used Van Damme Studio Blue 2.5mm to great effect. I...

The Decemberists - Carolina Low   My favourite still active band.   .

Sonny Landreth - Broken Hearted Road   Just heard this on Radio Paradise - awesome slide guitar. I love his playing.   .

Richard Thompson - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning  Possibly the greatest song about a motorcycle ever written.   .