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Have you seen the cars they're producing this year? :O

The McLaren in particular reminds me of a Proboscis monkey, and the Ferrari... where do you start with that one?!!  :wall:

Can anyone tell me if a Sonos Play:1 is powered directly from the mains or via a wall wart? and roughly how long is the power lead? Thanks.

Does anyone know when the Arcam irDAC is going to be released? There's no mention of it on Arcam's website.

Anyone got a good neoprene slip cover for their Nexus 7? I've only had a quick look on Amazon and they're either too big, too small or haven't been reviewed yet. 

Casey Stoner announced he's to retire at the end of this season.  See  here .

I got so fed up with my headphones knocking around I got out my tool kit and fashioned a stand.

If you haven't heard already, Marco Simoncelli died as a result of injuries sustained in a crash at this morning's Malaysian MotoGP race.

I'm considering buying a Sonos ZP90 to stream from my NAS, I've downloaded the manual but it's raised more questions than it answered.

Is it possible to play the same track in sync on multiple Sonos players in different rooms at the same time?

Quick question: Do AVI sell their speakers in any stores or are they only available online?