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Anyone else purchased one of these. nice machine. I only bought it on a whim to play some Flac Files. Flac does not work for me or my Cronies. Lots of listening lots of discussions.

I got a severe Telling off Last time I posted a RIP thread.  I got so browned of i did not read the forum for about a month


Just orderd some of the new Grado SR80e Prestige Series Open Backed Headphone from amazon £83. superb  interaction from Grado customer service by email  about them.

If your not that flush for cash  and concidering a hi fi  or TV stand And  maybe looking in Gumtree Ebay ect . Check out the Range in the JYSK furniture store website


Anyone taken the blank card from top of your Blank CD spindle yet?


and placed it over a CD you like  and pressed play


Can you hear the diffrence ?


On the Panasonic TV I have  there no longer putting Anolouge out on the back of the TV . I have a Cambridge Dacmagic.  All my inputs are taken

any one noticed Everytime David Cameron speaks the phrase  hardworking.

i see jazz Guitarist  jim Halll dead . I am a huge fan of Jazz guitarist Sadly all the ones that got me loving Jazz guitars Emily Remler Wes montgomery are sadly not with us ether.

Quite an  interesting watch Really

I have acasional looks at this webcam in The Netherlands.


I always see motor scooters often Two up,  kids riding them riding on the pavement  with out crash helmets as well .