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Hi All,

As you can probably tell from the title, I've upgraded to a galaxy S4.  I've currently got a Zeppelin mini but can't use that any more as it has iPod connections.

Hi All,

I'm looking to get a Zeppelin Air.  We have the Glaxy S4 phones to use with it after falling out of love with the Apple iPhone range due to the disgusting price hike!


I currently have Virgin Wi Fi and my Apple TV is slightly out of range of the router.  Any ideas of the best and cheapest way to extend it's range?

Thanks in advance.


This is a double question really.  

I have two room in which I need to set up a new surround system.

Room one measures approximately 3m x 2m and room two 5m x 4m.

With the news that over an hour of The Dark Knight Rises will be filmed on 70mm IMAX cameras, I need help with the following.

Hi Guys,

Couple of queries on Netflix:

1. Does it stream in HD?