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Hi, recently purchased an arcam 360, for the best 2 channel playback shall I connect my dac to receiver via analogue inputs f&r multichannel or cd input, for best signal path.

Just a quickie folks, Is it better to connect all HDMI connections to Amp then a feed from Amp to TV or HMDI connections to TV then audio to amp, note I do have an optical cable carrying audio si

Hi all, I have just got airplay up and running on my denon 3312 amp after a few minor hicups, but got there.

Hi all, recently got my hands on a Denon 3312, a fine machine I must say.I calibrated it and all sounded fine in the Blu Ray department, well to my ears anyhow.

Hi all, at the moment my speaker set is B&W 603s2, HTM62 & 686's at rears I was thinking of this set up as it is going at a pretty good price Monitor Audio M6 Monitor Audio MSW10 Monitor

Hi, at the moment I have a budget cable connected to my subwoofer, a monster cable in fact, but have been itching to upgrade this cable, so question is in this part of a set up can a different cabl

Hi, all, has anyone made the upgrade from B&W DM603S2 to the 684 models, any feedback would be helpful as I am thinking of going down this path in the future.