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It is very quite on WHF's side about reviews of new projectors specially under 1500 GBP
Did Epson send you the TW9200 model for review but they didn't send the TW7200 or TW5200?

I was tempted by an Optoma hd131xe projector as budget is a bit strict at the moment
Anyone has bought or had a demo of this budget projector?


I plan to buy a projector for Christmas but my budget is out for expensive HDMI long (15m) cables


I plan to buy a new 40-42" TV but it will be an all purposes TV with many many hours of playing every day (an average of 14h per day)

Hello WHF people,

Any chance to see a review of those two Surround Speaker Systems from Crystal Audio?



I need help with a media player for a 32 WEGA CRT TV I have in our summer house


Anyone knows the characteristics of this model?
Will it be released in UK too or is it for the European market only?
Any What HiFi review soon?