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Those nice people at Linn are offering free studio master downloads.

Is anybody using the Logitech Squeezebox App on the Ipad with Ios 6. Since the update which I did at the weekend on the

Ipad the app does not function correctly.  


I was lucky enough to get the amazon lightning deal for the Logitech squeezebox touch. At £140 I bought it blind and am seriously impressed how good it sounds for the money.

Hello chaps - I am after some advice on a dedicated music streamer. I currently use my Oppo 93, feeding into a Dacmagic 2 for music listening duty < both streaming and CD.

A quick question chaps, 

I have added my old Audiolab 8000A to my existing Denon 2310 and Monitor Audio Radius HD speakers to drive my front speakers for music listening.

I am new to network music, but already my music collection is starting to grow on the fileserver - my current method of playback is Bluray > DAC > Amp.

I have a Panasonic GT30 TV at present and to be honest only really see 3D as a gimmick.But as I had 20 mins to kill while waiting for my wife to shop headed into curry's and looked at the TV's etc.

I came home yesterday evening to a frustrated wife, she was hoping to get a 3D Johnny Depp fix having bought the latest Pirates movie.

I have noticed over the last decade or so the decline in the standard of driving up here in the North East. Every journey you now make you will see several road users breaking the law.