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Not sure if this is known already, but I can't see it listed in issues.

I am using IE8, tried with both normal and compatability modes.

Yummy yummy. I don't watch much TV, never mind Euro cop dramas. But Spiral really caught my imigination.

I've just sold some Epos ELS3 speakers and their matching ST35 speaker stands. So i'm after a new set of stands for my Rega RS1's.

Ok, one from a Hi-Fix staff member.

What is the deal with Partington's pre-filled stand 'option'. There doesn't appear to be any options for selecting this on dealers websites (using Hi-Fix and Partington's own as examples).

Amazon have the white version up @ £112 at the moment, and there is a voucher code link on the item page that gives %10 off this price until Sunday.

Last round of Arcam DVD's: DV135 (entry level) - £900 FMJ DV139 (top of range) - £2000+ So 1k for a FMJ Arcam BD player?

Anyone got any experience of the Proacs (David @ Frank Harvey perhaps?).

I have been searching for the elusive torch to shine a light on the sound I was getting.. as we all do at times. My friend igglebert will testify to my restlessness with my setup.

Has anyone got any experience of using Epos's on their own make of stands? Is sound reproduction any better than when using A N OTHER manufacturers stands?