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I am having a cabinet built to house some home theatre equipment. Should I leave the centre speaker compartment open at the rear? It will house a Focal 1028be series centre speaker.

As I have only just set up a great sounding Hi-Fi, I am keen to know what well recorded CDs to purchase. So far my favorite is Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin

Despite being less than 3 years old, the battery will now only last 2 hours from full charge despite being well looked after.

I am thinking of adding an A/V receiver to my Hi Fi system. In addition to Hi Fi use, I wish to use the existing speakers as the fronts in the home theatre set up.

I have just taken delivery of Focal Electra 1028Be speakers which are driven by my Musical Fidelity A5 amp and CD player.

I wish to play MP3s from my Windows 7 laptop to my Cambridge Stream Magic 6 via UPnP. I have installed XBMC and the Stream Magic recognises this with no problem.