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I currently use a Beresford Caiman DAC and I am happy with it. I now need a second unit for a second room and would get another Caiman but they no longer make them.


I am currently using a Beresford Caiman USB and I am happy with it.

I now need a second unit for another room but they are no longer sold.

Watched the film last night and enjoyed it so much that i imediately downloaded the soundtrack.

Well, as all savvy listeners know, the quality of the masters and recordings are more important that the bitrate so are the studio master versions worth the download?

Laki Mera - The Proximity Effect. Just sayin'

Not wanting to pigeon hole them but a bit of ambient electronica.

Way better than that sounds though and a quality recording to boot!

£15 iTunes for £10.

Be quick it probably won't last long! 

I've lost my earphones for the iPhone.

Some will say that is a blessing as it is now time to look for replacements/upgrades.

I have only previously watched this on DVD thru my TV and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tonight I am watching it with the DVD feeding my DAC and the sound through my HiFi.

I am currently re-ripping all my CDs to lossless format (& backed up)  to be played wirelessly (?) via Airport Express to my DAC.


A couple of wee questions about DAC's, wireless & HiFi.