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Has anyone attended any of these classic album evenings? What have been your thoughts? Negative points? Positive points? Material to your taste?

Letterboxd has now opened up its membership to all.

This album was brought to my attention by the Nordost rep.

While reading the PRS/PPL Licence thread, I noticed Xanderzdad was using a Mistubishi HC7000 home cinema projector. It was nice to see a fellow user, as they weren't all that popular.

What can I say - awesome gig.

Can anyone explain why, when wearing sunglasses, I can see the screen clearly when holding it landscape, but it goes totally dark and unreadable when holding it portrait?

Very sad day - we've lost a comedy legend [:(] [url=http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101129/ap_on_en_mo/us_obit_leslie_nielsen_7]News here[/url]

Just watching this on BBC One HD - amazing. Aspects of World War One war that you never really thought about or knew about, unless it's an interest of course.

Is anyone having any problems with the new Sonos iPad app?

H's an article from Yahoo this morning.....

Link here