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Auditioned a audiolab 8200cd today against my marantz 6003. My marantz was for more punchy any dynamic. I then tribe can arcam cd17, which was nicer, but not that much better.

Can I use a pre-amp with my arcam. E.g audiolab m-dac or 8200 cdq?

will I get a better sound?


rest of my system is a marantz 6003 with kef r100 speakers.


I have an arcam a19 a marantz cd6003 and a denon ae720 streamer. I am thinking of using the cdp as a transport and using the audiolab as the dac for both the cdp and streamer.

I have an arcam a19 amp, marantz cd6003 and a denon dnp-720ae streamer and kef r100 speakers. Would I get an appreciable sound improvement with an arcam irDAC?

I had planned on updating my hifi and building it around some LS50, but the look and no grills rule it out. My current system is a marantz cd6003 and pm6004 amp with a denon dnp720ae streamer.

Will my amp do these speakers justice? My room is 26' x 12' with the speakers firing across the small dimension 6' apart. They need to be close to the wall.

I have marantz pm6004 and cd6003 with some mordaunt short avanio 1-XR. Worth considering acoustic audio concept 20 or warfedale 121? Will there be an appreciable difference?

I will try again with my thread (NOT my fault!!)


System; Marantz CD6003, PM6004, MS-1XR