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Ok experts, my channel 5 boquet has disappeared. I have sky+ SD and yesterday all I got on channel 5, 5* and 5 usa was the 'no satellite signal' message.

Hi guys, just a quick question.

Hi guys and gals. Anyone on here got experience of Jamcast software? I already stream lossless files across my wired network to a PS3.

i will admit i'm no expert but have successfully used various methods of home networking in the past and am profiicent enough to have built my own pc and recently upgraded it to w7.

Got a home network (wired) with an attached PC (XP SP3), and a WDTVLive, all works fine via SMC router, I can see the router and the WDTV in network places including the HDD I have hanging off it.

I want to terminate all my speaker cables with banana plugs.

As you can see from my kit list, I have a Sony 2400, a good av amp which I like a lot. Have just received a small windfall and am looking to buy some hi fi speakers.

anyone else experiencing slow loading times. Of the six or seven sites I visit regularly only What HiFi seems to be affected, can take up to 40 seconds to load the home page?

Here's one for you Dave! I have installed a few sky and freesat dishes over the last 10 years but on a recent installation found it impossible to lock onto a satellite.

available from today - spotify without invite - useage limit, but great to try it out without waiting for an invite.