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Im looking at doing my cable management this weekend and hope in using wall plates to make burying cables into the wall abit easyier.

I have 2 questions, Can you use a subwoofer with a hifi? to make it a 2.1 system? maybe a subwoofer to completement some floor standers so the bass isnt taken away from them? 



I have Bose 301 speakers connected to a Rotel RA-10 which were great downstairs, however now I have moved them back into my bedroom, The sound is just too bright.

Hi Everybody, 

Im lost for ideas here, My sky box downstairs will not send sound to the tv speakers, but sends it fine to my HT receiver via coax cable.


I have a Cambridge Audio SR10, and at any other volume that stupidly loud, there is a serious lack of bass. 

How come what the what hi-di team dont review bose products?


i have a 3-2-1 and it sounds miles better than our denon 5.1 system??

ive noticed on the display of my CA sr10 thats there is a dts space, like a unlit marker to say there is a dts feature, but its not a home cinema amplifier can anybody tell what this is about?

Ive got bose 301's i love them to bit, however, they have spring terminals and they drive me nuts, i would much rather use banana plugs, so is there a way to convert the springs to take banana plug

gor bose 3-2-1 GS but on the left speaker the sound only comes through one speaker not both of them, if that makes sence


alright, me and my dad just set up a sort of hi-fi/cinema room, we bought a bose 321 system and im not paying £100 for a simple bose dock, so that got me thinking is their any passive docks as such