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im fairly good with the building side, Ill be smashing the wall and replastering everything, Ill have a look at those websites and usually im not a big cable person (personally doesnt make a...

Probs best saving for a bigger budget and using seperates?    starting with a Amplifer and 2.0 set up and expand over time? An on going project 

Im looking at doing my cable management this weekend and hope in using wall plates to make burying cables into the wall abit easyier. The cables within the wall will be mounted in trunking of...

It was exactly what i wanted... Adds more depth to bass and when im gaming and have music on quiet, (usually rap when gaming) I can drop the crossover to 50hz and crank up the bass... Its nice,...

I dont think you can mate, Audio T have excite x14's?    http://www.audiot.co.uk/products/dynaudio-excite-x14-speakers-6859.aspx

Couldn't you plug into the lfe jack? I'm confused 

I spoke to super-fi and audio T and they were super helpful, they even let me bring in my own speakers to demo with.   Best thing to do is to make some phone calls and see what dealers say

I could always buy a sub, but I'm sure it has more than enough in a car system if I get one id be sure to post about it 

I think this is a great idea? 2x full range centres would probs be more expensive but it would look great? If I could do my set up again I would definitely buy 2x centres and a subwoofer