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I watch my tv Samsung PS51 in a standard rectangular living room.My tv sits in the corner some 4 metres from my watching position.

I was thinking of buying an inexpensive 4K TV such as Hisense or shoud I wait 6-12 months until the mainstream brands fall in price?


Hello again.I have just received my Samsung PS51F5500 tv and am very happy with it.

Could someone please give me the default settings for Contrast etc?



Most agree that the Samsung PS51F5500 is great value but useless if used in a bright room.


I have a bright living room and am looking for a 50" Smart TV under £1000.It will mostly be used by my 9 year old daughter who will watch the Disney channel and Movies.She would like a lot of Smart

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision recently gave the Samsung PS51F5500 a 5 ***** review so I decided to buy it.Then just before ordering it, I saw another review yesterday which said it was the worst TV o

I have 2 Pure Evoke DAB radios at home and both are fine.However recently I have lost Talksport(DAB Station and AM)on both sets.When I try and tune into Talksport it says's "station off air" The st

How do I transfer my Napster Music to my Sonos Player?


I cannot get my Sonos to play my Napster music downloads?

Could someone please give me the settings for my new Panasonic TV.(contrast,brightness,etc,etc and any other useful information?)