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Anybody using the Kandy K2 amp with Dali Ikon l mk2?

Hi. I'm sorting out a budget Cd based system for my brother and looking the upgrade the speakers. 

CA Azur 640C cd player.

Hi I have the Roksan Kandy K2 amp and CD player,bought new in August and find that just occasionally the remote signal doesn't work.Happens on both remote units.

My hifi is in a 12' x 12' bedroom and the speakers are in corners around 18" from side and back walls.

I'm considering this system as an upgrade on my current one.

Any ideas what may be causing my system to sound a little bright?
It's a 12m x 12m bedroom setup with soft furnishings and I listen to
most styles of music.

I notice the Dali Lektor 2's are now available in gloss black
but can't find them available in this finish anywhere.
Anybody seen them?

Anyone know of any reviews anywhere on the QED Reference Audio 1 interconnects?
Nearest I can find is a WHF rating in the magazine on the QED Reference J2P lead.