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I think I'm going doolally. The forum keeps telling me my word verification is wrong. 

If I find things a little crisp and a little clinical wrt headphones, what models would you suggest I try?


Clean, clear, unforced and lacking in sparkle please. 

Zombieville, Aliens Invasion & Zombie Village are practically the same game? Were they designed from a how to book or something?

This is an area I have had no interest in the past but I would now like a DAC that can output to both an amp and a headphone amp. Any ideas?

April 2011 p75, talking about 3 different music streaming systems:

Hi. We have two setups in our house:

1) Arcam rdac, Cyrus 8vs2, Cyrus PSX-R & Dali SL-7 speakers. (in a medium large room)