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What would be better Kef R100s with a Kef C4 subwoofer or the R300s without a sub.  I already have a Kef C4 sub so do I save a lot of cash and just get the R100s?




I have searched but I cannot find any posts which compares the Kef R300 against B&Ws 685 S2.  I would really welcome some opinions please.




See previous posts.


Anybody like to share any thoughts who have heard both?  Thanks

I am thinking about getting either the Wharfedale 121s or the kef R100s.

Hi, I have Arcam Musos which I am looking to upgrade for both music and films.

Anyone know if the new Denon X series amps work well connected directly to the denon x series amps.  The x2000 really I suppose.