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currently own Sonos Connect Amp and some Q Acoustics 2010i speakers

Looking to upgrade the speakers to get abit more oomph


just after some advice really

got the opportunity to buy a 3 year old connect amp and new bridge for £300



I can get the piano black 2000c for £85 on ebay

The 2000ci piano black is going for £134


want to add these two speakers into my AV setup, use the zensor 3's as fronts and the 1's as the rears

Morning allLooking to chop in my current setup which is Yamaha rxv673 amp and Q Acoustics 7000 5.1 set/Q Acoustics 2010iLooking at returning to good old 2 channel stereo as music is my main love an

Thinking of getting one to hook up Asynchronous USB to my Flac file music on my pc

Speakers I already have are Q Acoustics 2010i and Q 7000 sub

just wanted to guage other people's opinion really

currently own Yamaha RXV673 as my AV amp which I use for movies, TV and PC gaming - speaker I use for this are Q Acoustics 7000 5.1 set



Just bought set of Q Acoustics 2050i,  currently using Yamaha Rxv673 av amp