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  i went for the concept 20's picked them up second hand on ebay for £200 i'll get the stands soon

Sonos is amazing and nothing even comes close to it in my opinion...

I owned the q7000 set and wasn't overly impressed if I'm honest sounded pretty weak for music and films was so-so My front room is quite big so I suppose it also depends on the size of the room

Might sit tight then with the Sonos Amp as I love the ease of use and convenience and for what I would pay for an amp and connect wouldn't truly be worth it

So is the general consensus it's better to use the sonos connect with a seperate amp?...

Hi, i'm thinking of using the Rotel RA-10 to run some Dali Zensor 3's and DZ1's - using Sonos Connect to play my NAS files would this be a good fit?

Matt, i'm running the zensor 3's with the Sonos amp do you think I would get more from these speakers connected to say Marantz pm6005 and the sonos connect?

Ok I bought the Connect amp and it sounds 'ok' in my opinion i'm now thinking perhaps going for an amp & connect instead speakers I'm running are dali zensor 3's what do you guys think?

yes at least audition them and see how you feel the Q Acoustics 2020i are great speakers aswell though