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I will be listening to both tomorrow but wondered what opinions were around here, will I notice the difference in quality playing via an ipod at no more than 320?

Just wondered how do slimline av receivers compare to my ageing onkyo 606? Not interested in network stuff just sound.. All comments welcome!

Evening all,
After finally deciding to keep the Fubar 4 I am looking to upgrade the op-amp to the 2627 Superchip.

Good morning all,

I am looking to upgrade the op amp in my Fubar 4 to the Burr Brown OPA2627 but where can I buy it??

Good afternoon all,

Afternoon all,
Any ideas if the cheap headphone amps from China on the bay are any good?

Morning all,
Does anyone know of an alternative to Naim A5 speaker cable with a smaller price tag?
Thanks in advance.