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I was wondering if any Sonos users out there had any thoughts on this issue.


I thought I'd post a few initial thoughts on my new ADM40s, but first a bit about what I’m moving from.

Hi - looking for a cheap blu-ray player to recommend to a friend, main requirement is that it needs to have a set of multi-channel analogue outs.

Any ideas?

Has anyone ben able to connect their 751BD to a wireless N network, and if so did you experience any issues?

I was just playing with the aspect ratio on my panny 50G10 and I realised that the picture ratio changes slightly when I switch between 'auto' and 16:9.

Hi all.

I've got about £1500 (i'm certainly not opposed to spending less) set-aside to treat myself and i'm having a hard time deciding what to do.

Hi - I've got an iPhone 4, which was new in September last year and up to now i've been getting 2+ days out of the battery, 3 if i'm lucky.

Hi - I'm contemplating an upgrade to my Sony BDP-570 Blu-ray player. I want to go for a premium model to achieve better DVD upscaling, and (most importantly) decent media streaming capabilities.