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Hi , I am looking for a speaker upgrade . Kef ls50 and Atc scm 11 can be had for around the same price . Has anyone listened to both and how do they compare against each other .

Hi,I was told when claiming i could tell the different heights of a kick drum (down low) and high hats at head height in my soundstage that there was a topic claiming that this was false and just a

Hi,I live in a semi detatched house ,with neighbours who are semi retired.I like my music quite loud ,normally about 11 oclock on the dial .but if I turn it up above the 9 oclock mark the neighbour

Hi ,I have decided to change my speakers acoustic energy aelite 3 s to Leema xero has anybody listened to these with the pulse amp .I found my floorstanders were too low bass heavy for my liking .I

Hi i want to upgrade my acoustic energy aelite 3 speakers would the totem rainmakers match my audiolab 8200 cd and Leema pulse amp .

Hi ,I have been wondering if speakers with 2 cones like Totem arro s can produce as big and as indepth soundstage as multi-coned speakers such a the Ma rx8 s .I currently have acoustic energy aelit

Hi I haven't really had much experience with auditioning hi fi equipment .I.

  Hi ,I currently have an audiolab 8200cd and acoustic energy aelite 3 speakers running through a Cyrus 6vs2 amp .