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Hi gdhal, I apologize if I offendend someone. Other than chronological convinience, I have no other reason. Cheers

Hi guys, I also have a question. Is it correct tot assume that the 501 is better than a Rega Brio R?

if funds allow a new networked stereo amp/dac/receiver: Yamaha R-N602 / Onkyo TX-8150 / Pioneer SX-N30

@ lpv.....pfffff....stop harassing....

Please remove this post from the top position.

since when:...

Hi Sheggs, did you perhaps see what amplification Q acoustics used for their demo's?

Hi Chaps, is there someone out there who has experience with this amp. I found a vintage one in mint condition.

Hi Jacky, i'm a happy owner of the QA 2010i. I do not find the 2010i too harsh....