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Hi Guys, i have the following situation.

Traditional stereo receiver (only analog inputs)

PC (wifi, bluetooth, RJ45 equipped,), wifi conected to web/internet,

Guys, help me on this one....on my orientation on speakercable is saw the following Chord silverscreen bare €8,00 pro m1. 2x2Chord silverscreen Factory fitted 2x2m1 = € 150,00

Hi guys, just want to share with you that NAD has an new cdplayer. Nice slim unit with a big screen!

They quote it will be the new class leader.  :rant:


Hi Forum members,


i've posted earlier about the question what amp pairs well with my Q-acoustics.

Hi Lads, please help me on this one, on the denon site i cant find my anwser.

i have the following question.


today i was rearranging my room. I took my stereo receiver out of the cabinet and looked through the ventilation opening.


if you have (single wire) standmounters, like i do, do i have to use  the audioquest 14/4 or 14/2?

thank you for your responce.

Hi lads, i have the following question.


recently I bought the Q acoustics 2010i. 

The recommended power for these speakers is 15 - 75W.

Hi lads, just want to share my humble purchase with you!


Yesterday i bought the Q Acoustics 2010i.

Please find my introduction of my system.