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Was trying to get the free trial they are offering and couldn't make it work, but happened to stumble across a full year premium pass for £11.99.

Is this subwoofer good in its own right? i'm looking for a sub to go with my current speakers (very old mission speakers) with the view to replace the main speakers in time.

It might not be the best 3d player out there but you have to admit it's prety amazing what this 4year old player can do via firmware updates!

Blew some dust of my old Matrix album, remembering how much i loved it only to find when playing track #5 Prime Audio Soup by Meat Beat Manifesto that it sounded all wrong, is this due to the fairl

Been looking for an new TV stand and space to hide away my kit from prying 2ry old hands and was wondering if anyone had experience of this unit and if it was any good?

John Lewis are advertising the 46nx713 and the 46hx803 with now £600 trade in.... thats £699 and £799!!!!!!

At the minute i only have a stereo setup due to space consisting of a Sony 810 amp and some old Mission 733i speakers, the amp was required due to my TV haing issues with the HDMI so i'm having to

Does any hardware support the ability to share it's internet connection over HDMI yet? or are the cables just a step ahead of the game?

Hi, I'm looking to buy 4x 5m lengths of Chord Carnival Silverscreen and these guys will terminate with chord plugs and offer a 10year guarantee on the work, but seem considerable cheaper than anyon

I've just read in the manual for the Sony 810 that it will only up-scale a 480i input and nothing else, is this just because it s a low end amp?