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Sorry if in wrong section..


I'm constantly being asked to complete the work verification process and I'm not able to edit my posts either...


Has anyone had the chance yet to demo the Ruark MR1's vs the EPOZ Aktimate Minis?


I've recently sold my 2012 MacBook Pro as a) I was offered a price for it I couldnt refuse and b) it was overkill for what I need for personal & business use etc...

Crikey... Not been on here for a while!

In our new house I've got the rear extension as my home office but I"m also slowly turning it into my den too >)


As we've recently moved into our new house, and it's a semi, my stereo system is now bieng sold as it just can't be used to its fullest

Noticed you sold your B&W 685s on the Bay of E so what's next?


Got a few sets of speaker cables so though whilst the wife was out I'd do some swapping and changing and see what differences I could hear.


System used:


Just put this little system together as I wanted to bring my main system to our spare room as that's where it'll get used the most with me working from home and so I've replaced it with a NAD C320B

Hope you're all well; long time no speak... Smile