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Anyone here got these ? They're getting very good reviews and they look very nice.

Anyone got any experience with these speakers ?

Just read the review. I always wonder how good these wireless speakers really are.

Here it is...........Denon's version of the NAD D3020.

Anyone here got any experience with this little amp ? Does it have enough power to drive a pair of budget speakers ?


This player is coming out soon and it's a more affordable CD6005. It now uses the same DAC as the CD6005 ( CS4398 ) and uses the same mechanism as the CD6005.

I want a review of the Monitor Audio Airstream A100 in the next that possible ?

The Denon Ceol Piccolo did get a fantastic review. No complaints about the soundquality. The Denon Ceol RCD-N8 got a review recently.

I saw the sensitivity of these speakers is 81db. I know they are supposed to be budget speakers but will the PM6005/NAD D3020/Rotel RA-10 amps have enough power to drive these ?