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Evening All,

Currently using a Denon Ceol paired with B&W CM8's.

I love the convenience and features and it sounds good, but I've got an itch.

My sons are mad on skateboarding and are always uploading vids to you tube.

Hi mate, i saw your post on the Arcam a19/kandy topic and you stated that you deal with both.

Im looking for some wireless headphones for late night tv use only, around the £50 mark.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I put this on youtube when i finished my extension about a year ago. It looks a bit different now, i will post pics when ive got more time.For anyone interested type in    scottscalecarbon

That went well!  Any advice please, i know this has been gone over a thousand times but i need a bit of step by step trying to copy from photobucket, Cheers

:grin:Hi everyone, started to read these forums a while back and thought it only fair i start to contribute.As i say the kids are getting older now and is giving me more time to listen to music wit