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I have an Onkyo tx-nr905 and have decided to use my Audiolab 8000A as a power amp for the main front speakers allowing me to play music through the Audiolab only.


Many thanks to Humax for fixing the recording issues of the additional BBC Olympic channels with the freesat HD boxes, it now works a treat :clap: .

Well it all started with a faulty HDMI board in February sent back under Richersounds 5 guarantee, I have still not received the receiver back in a working condition.


ITV Player is now available on the Humax freesat go to channel 999 the information channel press Green Green Blue Green Green and the red button to start.


Has anyone been offered a beta test yet?



OK so my amp has a 12volt trigger but is only activated when zone 2 is turned on.

The AC outlet is activated when the amp is turned on.

Any one else get a audio dropout when lights are turned on or when devices with transformers are tured on? all equipment is connected through a Tacima filtered 6 way block.


Anyone else noticed how flat ITV’s sound compared to BBC's especially when showing LIVE music or a music based show or is it just me?