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Hi, I have subscribed to WHF? and teh Feb issue is suppsoed to be the first I will received.

Intend to get the 8200CD or CDQ once the stock is in the local shops.

Already got the 8200A but still not open yet.

Any suggestions for speakers?

Hi WHF? Team, Is the Audiolab 8200A scheduled for a review soon?

Hi WHF?, I need a new HDMI cable for my new BDP-S470.

I am offered a good price for the Chord HDMI Silver Plus (first HDMI from Chord). Or should I go for the QED new HDMI-P?

Hi, is the review for the RX6 going to be online soon? Big Smile

Hi, is the BDP-LX52 going to be reviewed soon?

Went to my local Hifi shop and saw a new Wharfedale speakers. Looks like the Diamond 9.1 but with metal frame surrounding the tweeter. Was told it was the Diamond 10.1 model.

I have just bought one of the last new unit of PM6002 and the CD6002 was the recommended partner for it.

Hi, I'm interested in getting the PM6002 int amp. I noticed in it's specification that the S/N ratio for it's line input is quite low at 87dB.

Hi, I'm looking for subwoofer cable from AV amp to sub woofer.

Looking at the B&W 685 Theatre system.