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I am currently  playing music with a custom built PC + Arcam irDac using JRiver software.

Terrible name for a company, especially for an audio company. I hate how there amps have a large bolded "Von Gaylord" on the front panel.

My local electronics store sells Tannoy Saturn DC6Ti speakers and the Saturns are not listed on Tannoy's website. The Saturns seems to be selling on Chinese websites.

I want more detailed and sharper highs but it seems the treble is slightly rolled off. The sound is too smooth and rich sounding.

So I bought this new Onkyo amp with dual Wolfson 8740s and comparing it to my Hegel HD2 dac (PCM 1754). I'm a beginner audiophile and this is my 2nd hifi setup, so I am in a "learning" process.

Today I auditioned the KEF R300 hooked up to an Onkyo A-9070 at my local electronics store. It was playing FLAC files using foobar on a laptop through a dacmagic.

When I power on the amp, you hear a bit of radio interference through the speakers, which I had me wondering if it would affect the sound. It is faint, but noticeable.

I own  a Rega Brio 3 which sounds very balanced but vocals can sound a bit warm and lack extension with complex pieces. I'm running the amp through my Klipsch RF-62 II and the sound is e

Right now, the system sounds awesome (almost perfect), but I think there can still be improvements with a mains upgrade.