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I no longer have faith in the reviews published in WHF and the new site is awful so I have cancelled my subscription and will get my HiFi fix elsewhere.

Best wishes to all,

I have just bought new speakers.

Well worth a listen  :rockout: Dance 4

Read this Ebay advert to the end and in less than 1000 words explain what on earth they are on about.

I have recently come into some money an have upgraded to signatures over my former Pre XP dQX and 4 Mono X's.

What is the "How to live it" in Reviews>Home cinema, is this for real? :roll:

Contains ads for Psychics and Quack Life coaching

Have you been hacked? :?

Just wanted to say how much I dislike the current red face advert for " Don't be scared" by GiffGaff, puts me off using the site.

There, feel better now...

At £40 each, a sure fire addition to any system?  Wink

How do these work?  :?

Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to buy myself an Audio Note Valve Amp Kit for Christmas?  :?