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Dropped them an email today regarding the recent goings on & received this back from Lee:

When responding to a point by quoting a post, can we pretty please edit out all but the point we want to respond to?

I have a 35% discount code for Logitech's own site, valid for delivery to the UK only. Brings the cost of the Touch down to £168.

I had a brief play with an Onkyo TX-8050 the other day but couldn't get it to see the FLAC files on my WHS server.

My first separates system had a pair of walnut JPW P1s on the end. At least I think they were P1s from memory as JPW didn't put model numbers on them.

I know there's a few here considering one of these & missed out when they were this price at Amazon.

Still in stock at the time of posting.

Posts appear to be time-stamped as still on BST.

If anyone wants a Touch I have a 40% discount code that brings the price down to £155.40. Not quite as good as the Amazon deal the other week but not bad. It's no good to me so: