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I was about the pull the trigger on an Oppo but I seen the new Arcam advertised. Anymore information about it? Any information on internals? Confirmed release dates? 

I'm really disappointed that the new 600 series comes only in black or white. Is there any dealers with the old models available in cherry?


i never made the bristol show this year. I am always interested the manufacturers system matching. Can anyone remember what manufacturers used what. Equipment please? 

 Have been on the look out for a quality AV storage solution for a while now as I think there is a shortage of attractive and practical solutions.

I was talking to a dealer who said that 4k comparability is not an issue if you have an older spec AV Reviever because the AV Reciever just pass the signal straight through?

Good morning. 


I noticed there is an Arcam promotion on the BDP300. Does this indicate a new BluRay player is on its way? 

Good Afternoon, 

my mind is scrambled eggs because I can't make a decision on what bike to buy.

I want a steel bike and the contenders are:


Hello, has anyone bought a dedicated Streamer and not used it? 

For example has anyone went back to using their TV, PS3, AV Reciever or Universal BluRay player to stream music?