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Hi, does anyone know if I can get a USB to optical convertor that will work from the USB socket on my DS212j?  I'm after something that will ideally draw its power from the USB socket.


Here is a challenge then.

it would seem that 24/192 recordings actually give worse fidelity than 16/44.1   Click Here.

' bitperfect' audio player for itunes available at the app store for £3.  not tried it yet.

just a bit of general info for anyone considering the new apple tv, it apparently resamples 44.1 to 48khz through the optical output.

i'm after some headphones and have absolutely no idea where to start.  i'm after something with a smidge of warmth/richness and a bit of boogie, definitely not bright or over exuberant.  i'll proba

i'm looking for ways to replace my mac mini, but still use itunes and the remote app on my ipod touch.  can i buy a nas that can run itunes and stream it to an apple tv? 

my mac mini recently died and i'm considering replacing it with a squeezebox touch, my music is currently stored on an external hdd in aiff and alac, and backed up on another.  is it possible to us