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Good Afternoon,

I have a Benchmark DAC1 which I'm very fond of and have been used as a headphone amp and pre-amp for playing music from my library on the computer through my HiFI.

So I'm looking to build a media unit/av rack, getting hold of the materials isn't a problem, will be designing the stand in CAD then getting the main profiles CNC routed as I have access to the equ

Good Evening All,

For anyone local to the area I think this place is worth a quick mention, 

Firstly, Merry Christmas all!

As it says in the subject, any suggestions? I've also noticed some tube dacs and such like on the internets, anyone had any experiance with these?

Afternoon all,

Running a Roksan Kandy amp (120W) with Monitor Audio RS1 standmounters (80W power handling).