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There are any number of threads asking whether the Ok-Kokey 500 or whatever will deliver enough power.

I'm having my apartment refurbished and one of the options that appeals to me is an AV stand made of glass.  The only issue I have with this is that the myriad of cables you get with hifi/av kit wi

I'm going to refurbish my apartment, new flooring, heating, etc and one of the things I'm thinking about is what to do with my AV sound system.  Should I try to combine it with my hifi using my R70

My bridge partner is a lady of Indian descent who knows little of western music but she has an enquiring mind.  She sent me these texts tonight - "Have you got Reberta Flack records?" - "What a voi

As promised on the “How do you know which speakers your amp is best suited to?” thread here is my report on some kit that I auditioned today.  It reflects my subjective opinion an

Given the inane and often offensive pointless posts to this forum recently is there any point in reading this forum anymore?


I read this in my Open University course book describing events in the 1920s / 1930s:

I've just acquired a new CD "Steffani - Stabat Mater" with Cecilia Bartoli and others.  I know maybe this type of music is a minority interest on this CB but this is simply stunning, the music, the

I've just read the review of the Burmester 069 CD player at a modest £35,840.  Now I think the number of WHiFi readers that could afford to buy this can be numbered on the fingers of one foot.  So