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Has anyone seen the fm tuner shootout in the latest issue of hifi choice? Can't locate a copy here but would be curious to hear the verdict.

My soundcard has given up the ghost so I'm looking for a replacement.

Is there a price point beyond which the average listener cannot detect much improvement in audio quality.  i.e can he or she notice much diffeence between say a £500 amplifier and a £5000 model?

I have already made a post about upgrading my hifi setup.  I also want to include a dj mixer in the setup.  There are many dj mixers out there ranging from the cheap and cheerful to the pricy.

Just wondering about your views on ripping cds to wav and keeping them on a hard drive.  I am thinking I would need a top notch sound card.  Would I also need a better than the average cdrom drive



I am  a lifelong music fan but have never spent a whole lot on hardware for playing my treasured music collections.