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Anyone else used a professional amplifier, I just purchased a Crown XLi1500 AB power amplifier and think it is a great idea.

Anyone heard of Ghent Audio, they make power amps using B&O ICE modules I am thinking of buying the model GA-S500B  which is a dual monoblock giving 500 watts PC into 4 ohms and 250 PC into 8 o

I have an Arcam FMJ A19 Amplifier which has pre amplifier outputs so I pressume I could use the amplifier as a pre amplifier now the output is quoted as 630 mv, is this fixed or does it vary.

I have now run my new MA Silver 6s for two days and am astounded how different they are to the RX6s that I had before.

Does bass response improve after speakers have been run for a while.

I notice that Monitor Audio reccomend an amplifier with a minimum output of 60 watts RMS per channel for the new Silver 6 speakers.

So not sure what to think of the new range. Rick at Musicraft and David at Frank Harvey say they are great but What HiFi review only gave them a 4 star review but gave the RX6 5 stars.

I have the RX6 speakers and understand that there is now a new model called silver 6.