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Just found this £2580

I've made my mind up to get the Panasonic  65vt65 


but I would like to get it from John Lewis online with the problems some people are having with Panasonic faults


It looks like I finally decided  on my tv cabinet but four of my units will be behind a door in the cabinet 


so I think I need  an infrared repeater


I've searched the forums  for the answer but no look


I like the sonorous cabinets wood and glass but the depth of unit is 440mm


is there a uk shortage of these speakers in black

as ive been waiting since the 16th december 2009 for mine

Ive Got A budget Of £5000 Looking For Av Amp 5.1 Speakers & Blu Ray Player

I Have Looked At The Monitor Audio Silver Rx6 12av System