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hi there ,wasnt sure what section to put this in but as i have a cinema amp thought this one was the best ....

Hi there , I have just bought a Yamaha htr 4065 and am using it with 2 sets of speakers ,wharfdale diamond 7.1 and tanoy mx1. Every thing is connected to the amp with hdmi

Hi there I have been looking at getting an av receiver and have £150 (but can manage a little bit more) 

I have been looking at this ,but I wanted something I can connect my PC too and read in the specs that a PC can't be connected ,but I have read in a review that someone has connected a PC to one  a

Hi there ,I have been looking for a budget amp (around £100 used ) for a while and have reserved an Audio analogue Puccini special edition in a local shop for £99.99 , I can't find many of these on

Hi there I am looking at buying an amp (cheapish ,used) it seems I may have a chance to get this amp very cheap but there is a problem with it that the seller describes as "small buzz when playing.

Hi there ,I am planning on buying an amp and speakers in a couple of weeks and wanted any advice ,as I want desperate items and was hoping to not spend too much I have been looking at a pair of wha