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Infiniteloop wrote: ...

If you like what Naim does, little else will do....if you you don't, almost anything sounds better. This makes your question very hard to answer....

Linn and Naim sound different, so go with the the presentation you prefer. FWIW. I think Linn MDS and Kef R Series/LS50 work very well together.

keeper of the quays wrote: ...

Thompsonuxb wrote: I have to say like most things hifi its a suck it and see thing. Exactly.

It's an interesting theoretical exercise, but since music is a subjective experience and most people choose a format based on personal preference, in practice it's of less relevance.

The Goverment want a 7 day a week Health Service, but haven't the staff or made the funds available to achieve it IMO.....this will only stretch things passed breaking point.

Congratulations, you have now been bitten by the hifi bug. Next comes the upgraditus (Stage 2 of the bug). Enjoy your new toy and when you get "the itch", we'll be here to help you spend more money.

You need to do everything you can to deaden the room, like using a rug in front of the speakers (if you don't already)....

You don't mention room size or budget....but I'd look at Kef R Series/LS50; Sonus Faber Venere; Q Acoustic Concept; and Spendor A Series/Classic Series.