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Evening all.

Just looking for a bit of help.

I've been looking at ceiling mounting a speaker in the bathroom ceiling so the missus can listen to her music in the bath.

Evening all.

my much abused i4 is about ready to give up the ghost Sad

What a great shame!Mr Banks is one of my all time favorite authors. My personal favorite is 'Against a dark background' which is one of the most immersive books that I have ever read.

Evening all.

I've been trying to get my 3GS unlocked for a while now but every time i try the providers website says 'sorry, we can't unlock your phone at this time'

Hi all,

I seem to have got the ipod suck on my iphone 4 so that whatever I do the selected track repeats endlessly instead of working its way through the album like it should.

Afternoon all.
Recently lost my hard drive, including my itunes library.

Evening all.

Finally been convinced to give up my trusty Nokia 6300 and move to a smartphone!

Haven't seen a post from him for ages, did he get barred or just get bored and wander off?



Morning all.

Just noticed on Virgin a sign saying 'Dave HD coming soon'. Anyone know if this will be free to air or not?