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Same price at Argos too.

I'm not sure if you can use this at the same time but activate this deal and pay with PayPal and they credit £3 back to you. I can't post the URL but google 'google play PayPal' to find the deal.

You will pretty much get a Virgin TiVo box and television subscription for free if you go with one of the broadband, TV and telephone packages. Even the cheapest TV package will give you similar...

In terms of phono preamps with digital outputs:...

They have the same offer on white as well as black! What a steal.

At Audio Visual online with code: PSB301 to get PSB M4U 1 for £149 PSB302 to get PSB M4U 2 for £209

Some tempting deals from Hispek, all ending Tuesday....

David@FrankHarvey wrote: A company that is giving something away for RSD gets mentioned, but a store that is actually taking a real part in it doesnt! Crazy...   What RSD releases are HIFIX getting?