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Afraid that is it, my whole thinking over the past 2 years has crumbled . . .

Life at CJS Towers has been on the edge for a while now, some things one canot do anythig about but others, I have options.

I have had an experiance listening to CD that was amazing, my 12ft sq, listening room turned into an auditorium tens of metters wide and deep!!!

. . . I have been listening to music all day, all digital source, a bit of Spotify this morning, CD's all afternoon.  Most has been either new or a long time since last played so very fresh.

Or perhaps the heading should be Digital v Analogue?  The amount of listening I have don over the past 2 weeks is phenominal, changed rooms around majouring on raising the quality of digital?

Any one tell me if SACD format is Ok on a normal CDP, spacificaly, Rega Apollo-r latest half width version?


I'm hoping 'Sheggs' can point me in the right direction . . . in the words of Victor Meldrew; 'I do not believe it' . . . well I would not if I had not heard it with my own ears.

Well I'm half way there, revamp the music room/study, got rid of all the dross/clutter, it certainly makes a differeance, worth the cost and effort.

Sitting going through some Spotify, pressed the 'Discover' button . . . looked at country options, found a heading 'Souther Gothic' described as; deep, dark, dramatic.

All this changing about, I'm thinking of geting the best from my CD's.  Curently have a basic Rega Apollo, I have zero experiance of CDP's.