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I mistaken posted this in turntables/LP's so I am repeating it here

I hope this is not against the rules, and if it is then please delete/ignore as required.

Hi all,

I have the folllowing :

Denon M30 CD transport

NAD 316BEE amplifier

REGA Planar 3 TT

and Wharfdale Denton (c. 1970) speakers.




there doesn't seem to many, if any, reviews - is this because they are poor speakers for the money (around £250), or just not popular for some reason ?



I have a Denon mini system, which has a Line out

Hello again,


I am still mightily confused, but have decided to concentrate on one thing at a time - so it is speakers :).


I have a old REGA planar 3, and a Denon MD30 mini system + Wharfdale dentons (v. old)