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Hi all.

I'm in the process of putting together a second system for my spare room (4m by 4m) consisting of:

Marantz cd 5004

Topping TP20

Does anyone here know if this model of speaker from Pioneer is sold in the uk or is going to be?

Seems to be a bit of buzz about it in the usa.

Hi all! My amp says discrete output circuit configuration on the front. Does anyone know what that actually means? What are the benefits of this if any?

I've recently purchased a new fridge and now i'm getting a clicking static noise through my hi-fi every time the fridge switches on and off. What can i do to rectify this problem?

I'm using an audio technica AT2005 cartridge at the moment which is exactly the same as this-

Is there any way for me to stop my tv from automatically switching on every time i put on my bd player.This becomes very annoying when all i want to do is play a cd

I've just bought one of these on ebay for 40 quid.

I'm having real problems with an m-audio 2496 card with win 7. I get crackling on the left hand channel with higher sample rates ie higher than 44.1 khz.

Why do speaker manufacturers always quote a max power handling? I run 360 watts into my speakers which are rated at only 150 watts and they handle it no problem,in fact they sound utterly fab!