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Hi all,

I recently had a demo of a Rega Elex-r with my Kef LS50s and ordered the Elex-r on the strenght of the demo. There is a 4 week plus lead time on the Elex r it seems.

Hi, has anyone heard the above combo and how did you find the sound?

Hi, maybe someone can help me out please?

Hi all, currently using B&W 685 S2 and generally very happy with them.

I read somewhere that Kef were only manufacturing 500 LS50’s as a limited edition anniversary model.

How can the D3020 be as small as it is vs regular sized amps yet pack so many features in?

Hi all,

Hi all,


I have seen an Arcam A85 for an ok price. Is this regarded to be a good amp? Any users or owners care to comment please?

Hi All ,

Has anyone auditioned/ owned both of these speakers and what do you think please?