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How much difference would a new modem make to transferring data around my network if I replaced the old-ish ADSL2+ Thomson modem that my ISP provided?

Has anyone tried the new beta yet?  I'm wondering if the videostation and DS Video does now do direct airplay from NAS to appletv.  In particular the DS Video app.

The other day I was looking on JL: website and looked at some bathroom scales (yes yes post -Xmas excess!) and television bargains.

Looking for some help.

This is really a question about backing up data.

Has anyone got the bdt500 to recognise their synology nas?  I have turned on media server On the NAS but the bd player does not recognise any servers on my network.   Any ideas?


My current set up is to create a wifi network using an airport express, however it is only an 802.11G spec (i.e.

Finally there is a blu-ray player with multichannel analogue outputs that is close to the very top of my price range £200 ...the panasonic DMP BDT500.  I have an aged AV receiver and my old sony bl

Can anyone with this TV tell me if there is a minimum distance that a tv unit/stand has to be away from the set.  I would have plenty of clearance at the top bottom and rear but it would be a very

I'm trying to create a static IP address for my iMac running OSX 10.6 to connect to my free router from my ISP (Thomson-Alcatel TG585v8) so that I can then portforward to try to access Bonjour via