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johngw wrote: ...

Putting it bluntly, you've bought a small speaker that will have a limited bass response. Adding a sub is an option, but you're putting a sticking plaster over a fundamental limitation. The helpful...

Do you have anything else you can plug into the amp to try, such as a CD player or even the TV? Would help elmianate where the problem lies, ie with amp/speakers or turntable.

Is there not a risk of extra bearing wear/damage with all that extra mass? Linn used to warn against using record clamps on the lp12 for this reason.

All sold now, apparently. 10 went to Japan.

NAD PP21 is a phono stage, so should be fine. Does sound like something is at fault though, the Cambridge Amp has approx 60 watt output, so shouldn't need it on full to get reasonable volume. What...