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I don't know if everyone saw Andrew's article on the new Antelope Audio 768KHz DAC:

I am considering getting a Linn DS unit via the second hand market, but I'm completely confused by the historic model numbers - e.g. KDS/0, KDS/1 etc.


Can anyone recommend a good quality general classical music compilation CD, to enable me to dip my musical toe in this area of music?

Hi all,

I currently have a Pioneer LX-83 paired with MK S150's and SS150 tri-pole surrounds.

I currently have a Sonos ZP90 plugged directly into my Pioneer LX-83 av amp via an optical cable.


I have an 18ft x 10.5th lounge and I'm thinking of investing in some dedicated stereo listening kit.

Which would be the best position for the speakers, I have two options:

Hi all,

I have looked over previous posts on this topic and can't seem to find a definitive answer - particularly to stereo speaker set-ups.